Author Guides

The authors of each paper will be required to do a poster presentation and an oral presentation.

Presentation Guide

For oral presentations, there will be two types of presentations: long talks and short talks. Long talks consist of a 15 minute video followed by 5 minutes questions and answers. Short talks consist of a 7 minute video followed by 3 minutes of questions and answers.

Video recordings will be done through SlidesLive. Authors will receive recording instructions directly from SlidesLive. Please stay within your allocated time for the presentation: 15 minutes for a long talk and 7 minutes for a short talk. The deadline for submitting the recording is 26 October 2021.

Videos recorded over SlidesLive will only be used and shared for the purpose of the conference. By recording your presentation over SlidesLive, you agree to share your video recordings with SlidesLive. Please be informed that all video recordings uploaded on SlidesLive for this conference will be made public after the conference. For further information about Data Privacy, you may contact the Organizing Committee at

Poster Guide

We will use Gather.Town, which has been used in some other (virtual) machine learning conferences such as NeurIPS, and ICML. The NeurIPS 2020 team has put an overview video of how a virtual poster session would look like. You can check the video here

Poster orientation is landscape. File type: PNG image.

Poster size: up to 5120 pixels (width) x 2880 pixels (height). The poster size must not be smaller than 1280 pixels (width) x 720 pixels (height). For best visibility, we suggest that you prepare your poster with the maximum size of 5120 pixels x2880 pixels.

Please also prepare a thumbnail image of size 320 pixels x 256 pixels. The thumbnail image can be anything related to your work, and will be used to represent your poster (as a small icon) in the virtual poster room.

ACML 2021 participants will only have regular computer screens to see the entire poster. Please do not over-crowd your poster and use sufficiently large fonts.

We would like to advise you to make your poster accessible and colorblind-friendly. Information in this regard can be found at the links below.

General accessibility:

Color design:

The deadline for submitting the poster and the thumbnail image is 15 Oct 2021. Please contact us at for questions or comments.